Barley, malt and hops …

Beer in another of those things which has been slow to develop on my palate.  As a child, my mother used to drink shandy’s …a drink served in most Commonwealth countries and consists of beer and 7-Up (aka – lemonade).  She would come in from a hot afternoon of mowing the lawns and yearn for something to quench her thirst.  She would always offer my sister, Penelope, and I a child-sized portion.  We would always feel so grown up and important when we were offered one.

When I look back, she probably put in about 2 tablespoons of beer to 1 cup of 7-Up, thus the reason it always tasted so good and sweet.  Spring forward 15 years and I thought beer was revolting.  It was this savory, bitter drink that made me burp after I’d had it.  Yuck.


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