Barley, Malt and Hops …take 2!

…turning point for beer was University.  I was never much of a party girl, however Frat parties were just downright boring without some sort of intoxicating lubricant.  It was certainly then that I decided beer was pretty gross, however a necessary *evil* to get me through a Friday and Saturday evening without being the sober one amongst a sea of drunkards.  In saying that, I played the *designated driver* card as much as possible …

Shortly out of University I tried stout …is this really beer?  I quickly fell in love.  Yet another thing that was first met with disdain, was now a new friend.  I think that it was sweet enough to mask the bitterness that lay beneath.  From there came all the others, one at a time …didn’t love most of them at first, however with persistence, I’ve grown to like something unique about each and every one.


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