What is this?

Today is Day 1 of a sous-vide class at The French Culinary Institute.  Wow!  What fun.  Just when you think you know how to make the *best* something, there is now another *new* way to do it.  Take the air out, cook it at 57C …for 48 hours (yes, forty-eight).  We had 15 tastings of short ribs: cooked at variable temperatures, for variable times, with variable variables in the bag …and then, in case there weren’t enough things changing, they added a few more, such as pre, post and no sear options.  Some of them had the flavor of short ribs and the texture of chewing gum.  Some had the texture of traditional shorts ribs with only moderate flavor.  They were all good enough that I wouldn’t have sent it back had I ordered it, however a few were so delicious that I would have ordered it in a heartbeat had I not felt like I’d just eaten a cow.

What was my favorite? Temp: 60C …Time: 48 hours …Searing: pre and post …in the bag: just oxtail + red wine redux

Tomorrow is texture modification …


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