Brasilian hooch …

The cooking school I attended a few years ago, The French Culinary Institute, regularly has culinary demos for students and alums.  I was lucky enough to attend a demo a few days ago which was run by Leticia Schwartz, a former student who is from Brasil.  Cachaca, a distilled alcoholic drink made of sugar cane in Brasil, was the topic of her demo.

She used cachaca to incorporate the flavors of the national drink, the caiparinha, into each of her dishes: lime, sugar and cachaca.  She whipped cream with a little bit of sugar, then added lime zest and cachaca at the end.  A buerre blanc is delicious with a touch of lime and a hint of cachaca.  Zucchini is quite spectacular marinated in lime juice, olive oil and olive oil.

Cachaca is even quite tasty just on its own, too …


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