A fish a day …

I had the pleasure of going fishing with an old friend, his girlfriend and one of their friends tonight.  The 6pm launch time was a little later than and I’d thought and it was absolutely perfect.  Charlie has a great 18′ motorboat that he tows with an old red tractor.  A red tractor.  Old school. And awesome.  The boat was in the water and we were off on our adventure before we knew it.

Did I catch any fish?  No.  Actually I did.  It was too small to keep.  I’m normally the one who always catches the most fish.  They flock to my hook.  I was okay with standing in the back on this trip.  Time and time again, I threw my line over the side andpulled it up to an empty hook.  The bait would go on.  The line would go over.  Pull it up.  Bait it again.  Replay and repeat.  It made no difference if I caught fish.  The sunset was one of the loveliest I can remember, the company was impeccable and a few more fish are in the sea!


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